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Our Philosophy     Pioneering Effort

Technowave is a customer centric, technology focused, process driven company made up of people who relish the chance to solve complex technical problems. Whatever our clients’ goals are, we’re ready to put the people, processes, and technology to deliver the results on time within our clients’ budget.

We believe that great teams build great software and great software organizations. And great teams are made up of great people. We always hire bright and talented people, with a passion for solving complex problems, and the capacity to thrive as a member of a team. We've screened rigorously before hiring, and educated continuously afterward.

Next to our people, our process is the next most important element to our success. We follow a process that is highly customer focused and driven by a set of measurable deliverables and milestones. Our process was not imposed on us; it was created, refined and used because it works, and is deeply a part of our company culture.

We believe s mart technology choices can save time and money for our clients and us. We invest considerable effort into ensuring that we have a thorough knowledge of the tools and technologies available and an understanding of their impact upon business both now and in the future. We evaluate each one not only on its performance but also its usability, ability to integrate with other systems, ability to be customized and value for money.

Our solutions, like our clients, are unique. Every business has its own individual requirements and we realize that an out of the box solution will not meet every one of those. That is why we provide the full spectrum of services; consultants for IT management issues; development project teams that deliver turnkey solutions; flexible arrangements providing experts to work collaboratively with your teams, an outsourcing service for system development and support, and provide training is also available in all key tools and technologies.


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